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January 28, 2020

My house is lit and controlled by a button.  It's ridiculously exciting.  I don't HAVE to disguise those bulbs, but I want to!

My crafting stash is currently in storage, two time zones away.  It's painful.  I've had to start over.  Fortunately, I had gotten into making knitting stitch markers and had started building up my tiny bead stash again. 

Here's what I had on hand:

From Michael's:
Gold metal rondelle beads.  The holes were too big for the project I bought them for, but fortunately just about perfect for this. 

Small glass rondelle beads.  I used the darker ones for the bedroom, the clear ones for the downstairs.  It was mostly a test to see which looked best.  I liked the darker look for the bedroom, anyway!

One randomly acquired pearl bead.  I don't know where it came from.  I only had the one.  It's a bit too bright, but it looked so good for a bathroom fixture! I need to work out how to tone it down.  I think maybe a little paint will do the trick.

I used e6000 glue to glue the gold bead to the ceiling around the Pico LED, and then glued the other bead on top of that.

And . . . that's it.  The hardest part was making decisions about which beads to use.  Oh, and taking pictures.  Taking pictures of lights is not easy! 

The beads were all roughly 2 mm sized, to help you figure out scale.  They do look a bit big in the house, but lighting is one of those things you can easily cheat on in regards to accuracy.  They come in so many sizes in real life, too!